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2020 CLA Award for Creative Scholarship

Cover of Breaking Broken EnglishOn behalf of the CLA Awards Committee, Dr. Warren Carson (Chair) is happy to announce that the 2020 CLA Award for Creative Scholarship goes to Michelle Hartman, Professor and Director of the Institute of Islamic Studies at McGill University, for Breaking Broken English: Black-Arab Literary Solidarities and the Politics of Language (Syracuse UP 2019).

The CLA Awards Committee will make a formal presentation at the 2021 CLA Convention Banquet since the CLA Convention was postponed this year.

The CLA Executive Committee and Dr. Warren Carson would like to acknowledge the continued service of the CLA Awards Committee. Our sincere thanks go to Drs. Derayeh Derakshesh, Howard Rambsy, Venetria Patton, Jacqueline Alvarez-Ogbesor, and Tosha Sampson-Choma for their exceptional service to CLA.

CLA Caroll Mills Study Abroad Scholarship Winners (2019-2020)

The CLA Caroll Mills Young Study Abroad Scholarship is designed to support students at member institutions who want to participate in a study abroad program. The scholarship is open to any student who meets eligibility requirements and is presently attending a CLA college or university. A CLA college or university is one where a member of the College Language Association is presently employed or is a retiree.


In the fall round, the winner was Faith Deegan (photo on the right), a junior with a major in Spanish Education K-12 and a minor in educational psychology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She spent the entire spring semester in an 18-credit program in Valladolid, Spain; she was able to complete the program by distance education when pandemic-related closures occurred. The study abroad experience contributed to Ms. Deegan’s preparation as a future teacher by strengthening her Spanish language skills and enhancing her cultural understanding. Dr. Marveta Ryan-Sams served as her CLA sponsor.

In the spring round, the winner was John Hewitt Ryan King (photo on the left), a senior at University of Tennessee Knoxville. To meet requirements for his major in Language with Business and a concentration in Hispanic Studies, Mr. King had planned to spend much of summer 2020 in Costa Rica to participate in a service learning program and then take two advanced Spanish courses. Unfortunately, the programs were canceled due to the pandemic. Mr. King is deferring the use of his study abroad scholarship until he can enroll in another study abroad program, either in completion of his undergraduate degree or as part of graduate studies. Mr. King’s CLA faculty sponsor was Dr. Dawn Duke.

The Study Abroad Scholarship Committee who served as judges were:
Dr. Marveta Ryan-Sams, Chair, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Ingrid Watson-Miller of Norfolk State University
Dr. Thomas Edison of University of Louisville
Dr. Sheridan Wigginton of California Lutheran University