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The College Language Association, founded in 1937 by a group of Black scholars and educators, is an organization of college teachers of English and world languages that serves the academic, scholarly and professional interests of its members and the collegiate communities they represent.

The mission of this Association shall be to bring together in conventions of mutual understanding college and university teachers of languages and literatures, with a view to (1) improving the study and teaching of language and literature, (2) cultivating the appreciation of language and literature, (3) sharing with each other work of interest to the group, and (4) encouraging scholarly research in and the teaching of Black literatures and cultures as necessary aspects of higher education. The Association shall also publish a journal.

The College Language Association:

  • Fosters high professional standards for teachers of language and literature and promotes productive scholarship among its members;
  • Publishes scholarly books of critical essays and bibliographical references;
  • Encourages interest in creative writing;
  • Holds an annual convention for presentation of scholarly papers, exchange of ideas with other colleagues, and dialogue with specialists brought in by the Association;
  • Maintains a Placement Directory for its members.