CLA Member Circles


Membership Dues

Membership is annual. For regular, retiree, student, and institutional members, dues cover 365 days from the purchase date of a new membership. Renewal reminders will be sent automatically as your expiration date approaches; keep in mind you can always access that information on the member landing page when you sign into your CLA account.

Membership Fee Notes
Regular $100.00 
per year
  • Includes all member benefits listed below
Student $55.00 
per year
  • Includes limited member benefits (exclusions listed below)
  • Membership fee is paid annually while pursuing degree
  • Up to 8 years at this rate and no voting
Life $1,000.00
  • Includes all member benefits
  • A one-time in full payment of $1,000 or must be paid annually in four equal installments of $250
Institutional $1000.00 
per year
  • Includes one membership
  • Each additional institutional member is $90.00 per year
  • Receives one journal and one waiver of convention registration fees
Retiree $75.00 
per year
  • Includes all member benefits

Membership Benefits

  • Submit Publications to CLAJ
  • Download Digital Copies of Any CLAJ Issue (56.3 to the present)
  • Submit Achievements, CFPs, Member-Sponsored Events, and More to Post Online
  • Vote and Run for Executive Committee Roles
  • Receive a CLA Convention Registration Discount (for students and retirees only)
  • Receive Discounts for Advertisements
  • Sponsor Students for Study Abroad and Creative Writing Scholarships
  • Submit Materials for the CLA Awards

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