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On behalf of the College Language Association Journal, this is a thank you to our many Institutional Subscribers and constituents for their patience and continuing support as we work through the technical updates required for the conversion to a fully digital journal.

We have received several queries seeking assurances that your access to CLAJ will not be impacted by this change in operation. As Editor, I write to assure you that you and your subscribers will have full access to the journal once our arrangement with JSTOR is secure. We expect this to occur by the end of February 2019.

Our agreement with JSTOR will allow them to host our past and current issues in their digital library and provide all subscribers with easier and wider access to all future-born-digital issues  of CLAJ. We anticipate that all back issues from 2018—including Special Issues on  Decolonizing the University: The Battle for the African Mind (60.2) and Democratizing the Black Public Intellectual: The Writings of Ta-Nehisi Coates (60.4) as well as all 2019 issues—will be accessible via JSTOR by May 2019. As we continue to update our operations, we will also continue to offer our best in academic and scholarly publications as a fully digital journal.

Dr. Sandra G. Shannon
CLAJ Editor