2015 Study Abroad Scholarship Winners

These are winners of the 2015 Caroll Mills Young CLA Study Abroad Scholarship. 

  • Danielle Brewer is pursuing a major in biology and a minor in Spanish at Howard University. In summer 2015 she participated in the IES Abroad Health Studies program in Santiago, Chile. Her faculty sponsor is Dr. Clément Akassi. See a Power Point about Danielle’s experience.
  • Victoria Sotonye Fubarais pursuing a major in psychology and a minor in Spanish at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. In summer 2015, she participated in the UNC Charlotte program called Spanish Language and Culture program in Costa Rica. Her CLA Faculty Sponsor was Dr. Sheri Spaine Long. See a Power Point about Victoria’s experience. 
  • Tiffany Kwong is working on a major in nursing and a minor in French at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In summer 2015, she participated in the CEA language intensive program in Aix-en-Provence, France. Dr. Marveta Ryan-Sams was her faculty sponsor. See a Power Point about Tiffany’s experience. 
  • Laura Ellen Powell is studying for a major in Hispanic Studies with a minor in ESL Education at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. In fall 2015, she participated in the CEA program in Granada, Spain. Her CLA Sponsor was Dr. Dawn Duke.  See Power Point about Laura’s experience.