2014 Study Abroad Scholarship Winners

These are winners of the 2015 Caroll Mills Young CLA Study Abroad Scholarship. 

  • Dynasty Bryan is a student at Spelman College. She is pursuing a major in early childhood education and a minor in Spanish. In summer 2014, Ms. Bryan participated in the Spelman Study Abroad Program in Cuenca, Ecuador, to increase her Spanish language proficiency and to better understand Latin American culture. Her CLA sponsor was Professor Estelle Finley. See the Power Point about Dynasty’s experience. 
  • Analeigh Horton is a Communication Studies major with a minor in Spanish and Latin American Studies at Samford University. In summer 2014 Ms. Horton improved her Spanish language skills and expanded her cultural knowledge by studying in Quito, Ecuador, with her university’s Latin American Studies Scholars Program. Dr. Heather West was her CLA sponsor. See the Power Point about Analeigh’s travels. 
  • Atarah Jeffers has a major in English and a minor in Chinese at Chicago State University. She participated in her institution’s Study, Research, and Internship Abroad program in Accra, Ghana, in summer 2014 to enhance her knowledge of the Ghanaian culture. Her CLA sponsor was Dr. Kelly Ellis. See the Power Point about Atarah’s trip. 
  • Aja Pollard is a student at Howard University pursuing a major in biology (pre-med) and a minor in chemistry. In summer 2014 Ms. Pollard participated in Howard’s study abroad program in Barcelona, Spain, to strengthen her conversational Spanish and learn more about the region’s cultures. Dr. Clément Akassi was her sponsor. See the Power Point about Aja’s journey.