2018-19 Study Abroad Scholarship Winners

In the fall 2018 round of competition, the winner was:

  • Samantha Jobe, a junior with a major in Spanish Education K-12 and a minor in communications media at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  As part of her major, she is spending this whole spring semester in an 18-credit program in Valladolid, Spain. While engaging on a daily basis with the culture, she is working toward achieving at least the level of advanced-low oral proficiency, which is a requirement for her major. Dr. Marveta Ryan-Sams served as her CLA sponsor. 

In the spring 2019 round of competition, the three winners were:

  • Chanta Palmer, a senior at Lehman College CUNY with a major in Africana Studies and a minor in political science. She is planning to study this summer in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, with the Lehman College Study Abroad Program. Chanta has a keen interest in Caribbean literature, particularly Negrismo and Negritude. She wrote in her application: “I  intend  on  presenting  my  findings  on  the  topic  as  it  relates  to Cuba  in  comparison  to  other  areas  in  the  Caribbean  and  the  CLA  conference  next  year. My  intentions to  present  and  expand  on  my  knowledge  in  Black  Feminism,  Caribbean Women  Writers,  and  Transnational  Feminisms  at  future  CLA  conferences  make  me  an ideal candidate for this scholarship.” Her CLA sponsor is Dr. Sarah Ohmer. 

  • Courtney Carr, a master’s student in Pan-African Studies at Syracuse University. Courtney is planning to travel this summer to Moshi, Tanzania, for a required externship for her degree program. She actually traveled to Tanzania as an undergraduate at Cornell, and now she is returning to do thesis research on female genital mutilation, specifically the importance of having the personal narratives of women affected by this practice included with the quantitative data collected by nongovernmental organizations. Her CLA Sponsor is Dr. Casarae Gibson.

  • Hannah Bain-Selbo, a sophomore with a major in Language and World Business at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. As a student of Spanish and international business, she is planning to travel to Costa Rica this summer to participate in the UTK Service Learning Program. Her ultimate career goal is to become a physical therapist, and she hopes that in Costa Rica she will be able to shadow a physical therapist while she strengthens her Spanish skills and explores the culture. Her CLA sponsor is Dr. Dawn Duke.

The Study Abroad Scholarship Committee for 2018-19 were:

  • Dr. Marveta Ryan-Sams (chairperson)
  • Dr. Ingrid Watson-Miller
  • Dr. Thomas Edison
  • Professor Estelle Finley
  • Dr. Sheridan Wigginton
  • Dr. June C. D. Carter